Professional Pilot Training


Instructor Rating

If you are one who likes helping others achieve, then a flight instructor rating is a very good way of combining your skills and helping others learn to fly. The flight instructor rating is probably the most challenging flying course you will ever undertake. In many ways it is a lot like learning to fly all over again, only this time you will be learning from the instructor's point of view and from the right hand seat. Considerable effort has gone into putting our instructor course together, and we are constantly looking at ways of improving the course so that the new instructor is better prepared for the teaching role and handling student problems.

The course comprises of three components; PMI - The principles and methods of instruction which forms the basis for the entire course, briefings - both long and pre-flight, where the trainee is conducting ground based training, and the flying component which is broken into 30 hours dual instruction from a grade one instructor and 20 hours where you practice with another trainee or with a grade 2 or 3 instructor. Many enjoyable hours of flying and new friends made from undertaking an instructor rating.





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