Professional Pilot Training


General Flying Progress Test


This can be undertaken after a minimum of 20 hours flying training, 15 Dual and 5 Solo. It allows you to carry passengers, but you are restricted to the confines of the training area associated with the flying school with whom you are training with, or within 10 nautical miles from the aerodrome of departure. Additionally you must have an instructors authorisation for every flight and you cannot fly more than 15 consecutive hours solo without having a dual check flight with an instructor.

Theory Examinations to be passed during this stage of training:

  • Pre Solo, prior to your first solo flight
  • Pre Area Solo, prior to your first solo training area trip
  • Radio Telephony, prior to undertaking the GFPT
  • Basic Aeronautical Knowledge, prior to undertaking the GFPT

Basic Aeronautical Knowledge consist of the principles of flight, engine systems, instuments, air law, aircraft operations and, weight and balance. When you have completed the course of study, you may sit the BAK exam at the flying school, at a mutually convenient time arranged between you and your flying instructor.




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