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You may be surprised at some of the places we can fly! From a night flight over Shepparton to a fishing trip up to the Gulf or visit to a few of your interstate business destinations, even for urgent family matters, Gawne Aviation charter flights cater for all occasions.


Office with a view
Save time and money with the ability to conduct confidential meetings on route to your work site. The high flying office operates to your timetable and if you decide to drop into Timbuktu or over fly the factory - no problem. Try that with a commerical airline!


We have a great range of aircraft available for charter from a small single engine to the farm or some aerial photography. Gawne Aviation also operate a variety of twin engine aircraft for business or pleasure with a seating capacity of 3, 5 or 9 passengers. Now also available is fully air-conditioned and pressurized aircraft for maximum comfort.


Life was meant to be easy!
Enjoy your work more and increase productivity. Flying in a charter aircraft can be very enjoyable and often with spectacular views that your miss on a large jet. Taxis, hire cars, accommodation, catering and even your favourite beer on the way home can be arranged.


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