Professional Pilot Training


Commercial Pilot's Licence

The commercial pilot licence is the first of the professional pilot licences. It is an extension of the private pilot licence and is the minimum requirement you need before you are permitted to earn any remuneration from your flying skills. The medical standard required is higher than for a private licence and the flight test like the private licence is conducted either by a Flying Operations Inspector (FOI)from CASA, or an Approved Test Officer (ATO).

Prior to the issue of a commercial pilot licence, you need a minimum of 150 hours, including additional training in instrument flying, navigation and general handling if completing the approved course, or 200 hours if applying under the normal course. Night flying is also included in the Gawne Aviation approved course.

Gawne Aviation is approved to conduct both types of commercial courses.

The theory subjects areas are:
* Aircraft general knowledge;
* Flight rules and air law;
* Aerodynamics;
* Navigation;
* Aircraft operations, performance and planning;
* Meteorology;
* Human performance and limitations.

These subjects are all single examinations which are conducted using the CASA online examination system at designated examination points. The nearest to Gawne Aviation is at the Mangarlore Airport. Staff Instructors are always willing to assist candidates with the study for these exams.





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